Tourism, Hospitality, Leisure placements in Germany

Internships Germany offers you the opportunity to gain experience in the field of hospitality in one of the most visited countries in Europe! Germany is the fourth most popular touristic destination in Europe, after France, Spain and Italy. This attraction is based on the wide range of activities it has to offer, whether you like culture or nature, you will always find something interesting to do in Germany!

We have many collaborations with famous hotel chains all around the world. They need motivated students to help them run their businesses, that's why we offer you different positions in the tourism sector.


We can for instance offer you an internship position in the reception department. One of the main tasks of a receptionist is to welcome customers into the hotel or hostel and proceed to their check in and out. You could also be asked to pick up phone calls, to book trips and flights or to inspect the rooms.

If you study marketing and management, a position in a hotel could also be of you interest! Hotels often have relationships with other international companies and they need people to manage international business.

Usually, the working hours are 30 or 40 hours a week, but it depends on the internship. It's important to take into account that some companies might ask you to work during the evenings and weekends.

Many of the positions include at least some of the following benefits:


Depending on the internship, the hotel may offer you free accommodation in their establishment. This is clearly the best option because you are the closest to your work place and consequently, you don't have to waste your time with public transportation.


The internship place often offers access to the employees’ dining room. 


Depending on the position and the hotel, you may receive a salary varying between 200 euros and 300 euros per month.

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