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This graphic design internship program offers you the opportunity to work with well-known design agencies as well as start a design career in Germany. Learn by working with the best and begin a career with an internship in Germany!

Type of Internship: Graphic design internships.

Location: Berlin,Munich,Frankfurt. Others under request.


This program includes:

  • Step-by-step guidance during the application process 
  • Help with resume and cover letter writing according to Germany standards
  • Internship - Training Placement search and guidance
  • Tips in obtaining student visa 
  • Guidance and advice on housing, language school (if desired), etc.

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Graphic design internship in Germany: requirements 

If you are going to Germany to do an internship, please keep in mind that depending on your nationality and personal situation there are different regulations and processes. For European citizens the process is really simple but for non-EU citizens it can get more complicated. In any case, we are experts in internship arrangements, so we can help with any kind of requests.


There are 3 types of internships:

  • Basic internship: before your university studies
  • Voluntary internship: during your BA or between your BA and MA
  • Mandatory internship: during your studies, as a part of it.

Basic and voluntary internships normally tend to be for lower education studies or people who want to learn a basic job, and this type of placements require to hva de minimum wage salary.
Curricular internships do not need to be paid, though German company tend to pay interns generally. This are normally the university or vocational studies placements, part of the education.
You can read more in our elegibility section.  https://www.internships-germany.com/en/placements/eligibility-and-guidelines

Requirements for all participants who want to apply for these program in the Germany.

The academic field of study, major, qualification and work experience must correspond to the desired sphere of the Internship and the level of English and/or Italian must meet requirements to perform successfully in the proposed intern/training position. 


Compensation varies by company and depends on the business field, participants’ work experience and other factors. 
German companies tend to offer remuneration to interns for at least 12 weeks placements, in some cases, stipend can be quite generous.

General tasks of this program


  • Design and format of internal and external print and digital communications
  • Collaborate with Marketing Department to deliver effective design solutions
  • Possess excellent time management skills in order to meet deadlines
  • Perform photo touch up, cropping, and resizing using Photoshop software
  • Work together with both the internal team and outside vendors to ensure seamless artwork deliverables
  • Must have completed courses/classes in InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and Acrobat in order to succeed in this role
  • Must be social media savvy with the ability to utilize Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.
  • Responsible for quality control checks on new and existing documents and graphic designs



Internship and Placement in Germany

Internships Germany has a strong understanding of the german labour market and application process, enabling you to find an appropriate internship/training position. You name a business field and geographical region, and we will take care of the rest! Application takes from few days to several weeks depending on the time of the year and cases, do not hesitate to ask our agent.


Internships Germany advises you about different types of accommodation and provides information about affordable housing options that are available and assists you in finding the most suitable one. We also provide a list of cheap hotels to house you on your first few days upon arrival. The cost of stay directly depends on geographical region and location. 

For an additional fee, we will work on your personal list of housing options based on your individual needs and budget. We can arrange showings, so you can simply choose the most appropriate one for you. We understand that arriving in a new country or city is often scary and intimidating. So we work hard to make this transition as smooth as possible. 

English Language Course (optional)

Although good English language proficiency is required, many participants may wish to sharpen their language skills. There are a lot of English language schools which are much more affordable than those offered in domestic catalogues. 

Internships Germany helps you to find an appropriate language school, which suits you best. 

Program in Germany application process

  1. Application – Apply in the following link: Apply for our premium programs
  2. Program Registration fee – To confirm registration, Spain Internship collects the application fee from a student. The registration fee is €150
  3. Skype Admittance Consultation – Candidate will partake in a Skype consultation with one of our agents and solve any questions as well as confirm requirements and criteria.
  4. Internship proposal.
  5. Final Payment - 440 €
  6. Documentation 
  7. Placement Process

Prices of our programs in Germany

Internship or Training Placement 

The following price is for individuals. In case you want to get a group quotation, contact us.

Deposit      100 € 
Rest of the fees   590 €


The full fee is payable upon the signing of the Internship Agreement with the host company.


  • If the participant cancels after the placement confirmation, he/she is obliged to complete the payment, as InternshipsGermany has already provided its service successfully.
  • Substitute participants are not permitted because Internships Germany provides personalized Internship/Training placements.
  • Violation of the programs term and conditions can lead to contract cancellation by Spain Internship without any refund.

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